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None Dare Call It Conspiracy

Published 1971

Famous book, more in the JBS, militia movement vein, but its attention to Kissinger, Disraeli and the Rothschilds make it #1264 on the Singerman index of antisemitica.

Publisher Rossmoor, CA; Concord Press
Year 1971
Language English
Book contributor dudeman5685
Collection folkscanomy_politics; folkscanomy; additional_collections


Reviewer: seekinganswers - - February 1, 2013
Subject: Journey towards truth
Obviously, as others realized, the description is not correct. So what interest would someone have in willfully describing the book falsely ?

The whole world has moved beyond anything like antisemitica (whatever that is). Its just another label, used by communists.

There are several books that support the work of Gary Allen, although no book authored by a human is perfect or complete. Facts are always changing, and there are many workers trying to adjust the mask again over a different facade, in order to distract from realities.

The issue of who does what with very large pools of money has been dealt with historically, even by Jewish authors (such as the Court Jews, for a history of the monopoly of Royal Contracts in Europe). G Edward Griffin addressed his issues in terms of the larger picture of those who were involved in the creation of the coming cashless superstate, as did Epperson in his work on the Hidden Hand of history(A play on Adam Smith). As to the Jewish issue and those who subverted both Jewish theology and Christianity, that was dealt with by none other than Antelman, himself a jewish rabbi ( in his book on the documented historic occult conspiracy click4PDF).

In many cases, people will reject what they are not ready to hear. It is hard to realize just how much liberty and how many rightshave been lost, while the entertainment mediaplex keeps hoping to distract us from what is being done, and what is being prepared. Its overwhelming for some. They allow themselve to be controlled by their fears. What they need to do is learn how to gain knowledge, and how to find inner strength.

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Reviewer: Gregj3 - - January 29, 2013
Subject: The description is not correct
This book seeks (and succeeds) to expose the true history of the world, not just the USA. It names names and connects the dots. I recommend it and will be passing it on to my friends. It's a very good read, despite a few typos, probably from the OCR process.
Reviewer: stopthecrooks - - January 25, 2013
Subject: Don't worry about the the facts...for yourself
The Federal reserve act of 1913; history and digest -1914 .
Index-digest of the Federal reserve act and amendments the act of December 23, 1913- 1915.

Practical banking, with a survey of the Federal reserve act - 1915.
Index-digest of the Federal reserve act and amendments - Board of Governors of Fed Res System (1918).

The National-bank act as amended, the Federal Reserve act and other laws relating to national banks - 1920.
Federal reserve act as amended to December 24, 1919 - 1920.

Discount rates of the federal reserve banks, 1914-1921.
Commercial banking practice under the Federal reserve act - 1921.

General Accounting Office [GAO] report on the Federal Reserve System - hearing before the Committee on Banking - 1993.

Truth about the Federal Reserve by Antony. Sutton .

Origins of the Federal Reserve – JEKYLL Island .
Congressman McFadden on the private Federal Reserve Corporation. SUPREME COURT JUSTICE BRANDEIS, Author of Other people's money - and HOW the bankers use it -1914. ;

Perpetual War in the name of Perpetual Peace by philosopher I. Kant (1724-1804) . or read about the implementation of the plan by Columbia University graduate H. Barnes in his inconvenient, but documented work Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace (1953) . Also see the chapter on
THE LAW by BASTIAT in Essays on Political Economy .

Of interest , Imperial Hearst, a social biography -(1936). THE PRESIDENT MAKERS THE CULTURE OF POLITICS AND LEADERSHIP in Post Civil War 1896-1919 (1940). For other relevant information, The national debt, taxation, currency, and banking system of the United States : with some remarks on the report of the Secretary of the Treasury (1864) by Gallatin . If you dont want to know the truth, do not watch VIDEO - WHO RULES AMERICA – Part 1 by Domhoff . WHO RULES AMERICA – Part 2. Do the research. Take the time to find the facts. These are the first steps to freedom. Free your mind through knowledge. Learn so that you can put it to good use. Seek truth.

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by Central Executive Committee of the Communist Party of America